Lantern Blinds

Guarenteed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

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Lantern Blinds

Key Features

Of acorn blinds roller blinds range include:

Largest selection of screen blinds fabric choices.

Suitable for your home, office or school

Flame Retardant fabric to ensure your safety

5 Year Guarantee on all screen fabrics

Shading Your Rooms

At Acorn Blinds and Shutters, we can offer you shading solutions for every environment. We have the largest selection of screen fabrics available to choose from with sliver lined fabrics to offer the ultimate in heat control from solar gain

awning controlled via app

Light Control

With screen fabrics, there are different levels of openness available to choose from. The higher the percentage, the more natural light passes through the fabric. The darker the fabric colour, the less the glare is from the sun.

Heat Control

Solar gain or heat gained from the sun can be a huge issue for large window. Depending on the size of the window and the orientation of the window, some rooms can become uninhabitable. Our rooflight blinds will allow you better control over the heat and solar gain within your room. Screen fabrics come with a 5 year guarantee

Heat Control


Our screen fabric roller blinds can be integrated or used with motorised options. Available in both hardwired and battery operated, we can integrate your blinds  into Building Management Systems or can be easily controlled from your phone,

awning controlled via app

other options

of acorn blinds roller blinds range

Crank Operated

Our most popular operation for rooflight blinds is motor operated. As an alternative, we can offer a manual crank operation is power is not a option.


Our Rooflight Blinds can also be offered as a motorised option. Mains operated, the possibilities are endless. Our rooflight blinds can be operated by remote control, from a smart phone or from a BMS.

4 Meter Width

Our Rooflight blinds can be manufactured to a maximum  width of 5 meters/ The built on counter tension system makes our rooflight blinds suitable for shading large rectangular  surfaces.