Battery operated, mains operated and solar powered motorised blinds make your life easier.

We offer both battery operated and mains operated motorised blinds. With the touch of a button, you can quickly raise or lower your blinds. Here’s why you should consider them.

Totally Safe For Children

Motorised blinds have no dangling strings or wires that might cause a hazard to a child if you take your eye off of them for a second.

Solar Powered

We can provide you with solar-powered motorised blinds. While motorised blinds only use a tiny amount of power, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can for the planet while still reaping all of the benefits of motorised blinds.

Simple To Use

Motorised blinds are simple to use with their remote controls. They make your life overall just that little bit easier. Watching TV and all of a sudden the sun shines in your eyes? No problem, you don’t even have to move to adjust your blinds. They can even be paired with your Alexa and Google assistant to respond to voice commands if fumbling for remotes isn’t your thing.

Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas

Many homes and businesses have windows in hard to reach areas, that are either just in an awkward spot or could even require a ladder to reach. Normal blinds in these cases would be a bad decision, but motorised blinds give you the best of both worlds. You control how much light is being let into the building without the hassle of having to fetch a step-ladder.


Not all of our motorised blinds are controlled only via remote, some smart blinds can be controlled by an app on your phone. Once paired with the blinds, you have control over them from anywhere in the world. If your abroad you can help to make potential burglars think the home is occupied by putting up and down the blinds every day or even just by setting them on a schedule to do it themselves. The added piece of mind can help you enjoy your holiday without worrying as much about your home.


With the simple touch of a button, you can move your blind or curtain to whatever position you like. You can also add light sensors, heat sensors and timers so your products work for you even when you’re not at home or in the office.

If you’re thinking about installing motorised blinds in your home or business, then get in touch with us at Acorn Blinds & Shutters. Fill out the form on our contact page or call us now on 021-480-6684.