Teflon Coated


If your blinds need to be durable, Teflon coated blinds could be the perfect solution. Learn more below.

Teflon coated blinds are a perfect choice for busy rooms such as kitchens, where being able to easily wipe away any dirt is a huge advantage.

Stain Resistant

Teflon coated blinds are incredibly resistant to stains and spills. In busy households it’s not uncommon for children to be running around causing chaos, if for whatever reason a child has dirty hands and grabs at the blinds, it’s no problem. Even if they manage to stain the blind, the Teflon coating makes them incredibly easy to clean, all you have to do is give them a quick wipe and they will look as good as new again.

Water & Steam Resistant

Blinds that are coated with Teflon are water and steam resistant which means they are up to the difficult task of surviving and looking like new in rooms with harsher environments such as the bathroom. They will stay looking clean and new in these conditions far longer than some more traditional blind materials.

Mould Resistant

Mould not only looks bad, it can also produce harmful allergens that can cause headaches, dizzies and allergic reactions such as asthma attacks. Teflon blinds are not only great at keeping away stains, they are also highly resistant to the types of mould that can plague blinds in wet and warm areas such as in bathrooms or above the kitchen sink. Anywhere that has the right conditions can fall victim to mould but with a Teflon coating, your blinds are one less thing to worry about.

Style As Well As Function

Just because Teflon coated blinds are so functional, doesn’t mean that they are lacking in style. At Acorn Blinds & Shutters we have an incredible range of styles for you to choose from to suit every taste and any room decor. Just get in touch with us today to find out more.

If you’re interested in Teflon coated blinds, then call us now on 021-480-6684 or visit us online to book an appointment today. We are always happy to help and talk you through the options you have and what we think will work best for you.