Blackout Blinds For Dakea® Windows

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Dakea blinds

Our Blackout Blinds For DAKEA Blinds® Windows and compatible blackout blinds will fit your window perfectly and are extremely easy to install with only 4 screws. All you need is a screwdriver and five minutes of time. Dakea Blinds

Each of our Dakea blinds has been developed with their own performance features designed to fit your DAKEA® window. Our premium blinds have a very important design feature which other types do not have. To be truly blackout, the blind must have a protective case on the back of the top cassette unit and our premium blinds have this feature. This has a number of benefits. This cassette will prevent light across the top of the window when fully closed and will also prevent the fading of the fabric by sun. This results in bands of faded fabric, it also prevents damaging or marking the fabric during the installation process.

So for the prices, you are getting a higher quality blind. As well as a three year guarantee and a full choice of colours and fabrics, we also have a range of fabrics for children’s rooms to choose from. Dakea Blinds


We have just added an ever increasing selection of fabrics.  They looks fantastic on DAKEA® windows, Dakea Blinds skylights and are available in a light grey colour, it is truly unique. We will always be adding to this collection. Our colour fabrics are also available in our collection of roller blinds.

Your DAKEA® window should contain a unique plate stating the size details of your window. EG  P6A OR C2A. This should be located on the window frame. If your window is not listed please contact us and we can gather a price for you. Dakea Blinds from Acorn Blinds


    How would you like to operate your new blind?

    • For blinds over 1 meter from hand height, we recommend a motorised option.
    • Do you require a remote control for this blind? (If purchasing numerous blinds, purchase your first blind with a remote the following without)
    • Do you require a home hub for this blind to enable it to be controlled via a smart device? (If purchasing numerous blinds, purchase your first blind with a home hub the following without)

    Tell us about your fabric colour choice

    An extension pole may be required to operate blinds that are out of reach

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