We can offer the ultimate when it comes to light coverage. Offering as close to 100% as possible, we are unmatched in levels of darkness.

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Key Features

Of acorn blinds blackout blinds range include:

Energy savings of up to 43%.

As close to 100% as possible of outside light is blocked.

Shaped Blind

Multiple award-winning blackout blinds.

Over 50 fabrics to choose from.

Award Winning Blackout Blinds

We can offer you an Award-winning Blackout Blind. It is a highly innovative roller blind system. It combines an aluminium cassette and precision engineered side rails to create a blind that can Blackout light and draughts.

Award Winning Blackout Blinds

The Blackout blind has picked a number of prestigious awards recently. These including the Best Energy Saving Product or Service. This was achieved from the British Blinds & Shutters Association (BBSA). It also achieved Silver Medal for Best Eco Product in the House Beautiful Awards.

Proven Energy Savings Of Up To 43%

Due to its unique design, the Blackout Blind is the first blind to have been independently thermally tested by the British Board of Agrement (BBA). It has been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 43%. This, provides significant savings on home heating costs and shows that this system really pays for itself.

Proven Energy Savings Of Up To 43%

The Best Blackout Blind

In addition to the proven Energy Savings available to customers when combined with the right fabrics, it can bring an unmatched level of darkness to any room. These possibilities bring this range of blinds an added functionality that is just not possible to achieve with any other blackout blind currently on the market. Get the sleep you deserve, day or night, with the ultimate blackout blind.

The Best Blackout Blind

other options

of acorn blinds blackout blinds range

frame colour

Our frames are available in silver, white and cream.


Our Blackout Blinds can also be offered as a motorised option. Both battery operated and mains operated, the possibilities are endless.


Dual blinds offer the perfect combination of privacy during the day with a sunscreen blind, and for night, a separate blockout blind, which together offer excellent insulation keeping your home warm in the cooler months.