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Our award-winning blackout blinds use a blackout fabric combined with our aluminium cassette and precision engineered side rails create a blind that blocks out unwanted light and draughts. Here are a few of the benefits of installing blackout blinds in your home.

You Sleep Better

Our blackout blinds block out up to 100% of light from the outside world. This is fantastic for people who have trouble sleeping because of streetlights outside their home, people who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day and for people who prefer to be awoken by their alarm clock instead of the sun during the summer months so they can control how many hours they are sleeping. For better sleep year-round, blackout blinds are the solution.

Energy Savings

A significant amount of heat in the winter is lost through your windows. The opposite is true in the summer, your windows let in the heat from outside. A blackout blind gives you that extra barrier of protection from the elements which helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Due to their unique design, a range of our blackout blinds have been thermally tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), and have been proven to reduce heat loss and reduce energy bills by up to 43%. They have also won the Best Energy Saving Product Or Service award from the British Blinds & Shutters Association (BBSA). Over time these significant energy savings pay for the blinds many times over.

Reduced Noise From Outside

Blackout blinds also have the added benefit of having a dampening effect on external noises. This makes them especially useful in city areas, housing estates and even more rural areas to block out noises such as passing cars and barking dogs.

Huge Range Of Styles

At Acorn Blinds & Shutters we have a huge range of blackout blinds in a wide array of styles to suit virtually every taste and window size. Speak to us today to see for yourself.

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