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vertical blinds

At Acorn Blinds, we have over 230 vertical blinds fabrics to choose from. We have  35 shades of the popular plain fabric. Up to 60% of fabrics are matched in the Rollers Blinds collection. We carry a beautiful choice of printed designs.

Vertical Blinds Cork

Headrail Options

Standard Headrail

vertical blinds

Curved Headrail

vertical blinds

Sloping Headrail

vertical blinds

Options Available

When it comes to our Blind, we have over 500 different fabrics to choose from.

Our Vertical Blinds are available to control with either cord or wand control.

Left : Vanes will gather or “stack” on the left side of the window when the blind is drawn open.

Right : Vanes will gather or “stack” on the right side of the window when the blind is drawn open.

Split : The blind will open from the middle and vanes will gather evenly on either end of the window.

Choose the side of the vertical blinds on which the control cords for traversing the blind and rotating the vanes should be positioned.  Consider where the controls will be more easily accessible when the blind is installed; however, controls on the same side as the stack will be less noticeable.

For those windows that are sloped, we can offer a sloping headrail.

Inside mounted blinds are installed within your window frame and provide a clean look.

Outside mounted blinds are installed on your wall or surrounding the window.

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