Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

Blinds For Tilt and Turn Windows Cork


All our roller, metal venetian and pleated blinds are available as Perfect Fit blinds (Blinds For Tilt and Turn Windows Cork).  This gives enhanced privacy and insulation as the frames ‘hug’ the window and cover any light gaps.


Perfect Fit Blinds

Our perfect fit blinds are ideal also for conservatories, tilt n’ turn or even back doors as you can open your doors and windows without having to pull up the blinds first .There are other benefits too. As there are no cords, they are a fantastic family friendly option, perfect for children’s bedrooms.  This also gives enhanced privacy and your window sills are kept free. You’ll also be able to open your windows without having to pull up the blinds first which is very practical.Whether you select a contemporary design for the living room, a blackout fabric for the bedroom or a bold colour for the bathroom, our fabrics and venetians collections. In combination with the Perfect Fit system, this provides the ultimate in sleek, practical style.


Our Perfect Fit Blinds require no drilling or screw fixing, meaning that window frames remain unmarked and installation is quick and very easy. This innovative and flexible blind system has been designed to fully integrate with all modern windows including tilt and turn and half glazed doors. The blind fits neatly into the frame of your window or door simply using the ‘Click To Fit’ system without the need for locking screws.

Blind Types Available


Perfect Fit Blinds




Options Available

Our frames are available in White and Brown, Anthracite and Golden Oak.

When it comes to our Perfect Fit Blinds, we have over 100 different fabrics to choose from in our roller blind collection, over 50 different Aluminium Venetians and over 50 Pleated Blinds Fabrics.

Our Perfect Fit Blinds are operated using a tab. By holding the tab, you can control the movement of the blind up and down and stop the blind at the desired position.

Our Perfect Fit Blinds are available in Roller, Aluminium Venetian And Pleated.

Our Perfect Fit Blinds are fixed to the window using a tab system. There is no drilling required so there are no nasty holes left in the window or door if you choose to remove the blind.

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