At Acorn Blinds & Shutters, we supply pleated blinds in a huge range of styles. Learn more about them below.

Pleated blinds are blinds that are made out of pleated fabric as the name suggests. We can supply them in an incredibly diverse range of shapes, styles and sizes. They are a popular choice among our customers for quite a few reasons, below are some of the most common benefits we see people getting from this blind type.

Light & Privacy Control

Pleated blinds are a fantastic choice for rooms that aren’t required to be completely dark. With the correct fabric selection, you get a huge amount of control over the amount of natural light you want entering a room, without completely blocking the sunlight.

You still get light from the outside world, but without the harmful UV rays that can be damaging to your health and furniture. This is also helpful in rooms that have a television, to eliminate glare without sacrificing too much light.

Likewise, if you just want some privacy without total darkness, you can lower your pleated blinds and block out the world while preserving the natural light.

If you do need total darkness, that’s not an issue either. They are available in darker patterns and with different fabric types to make them suitable for virtually any room.

Value For Money

While pleated blinds in the right circumstances can look every bit as nice as roller blinds and Roman blinds. This makes them an especially tempting choice if you are re-doing all of the blinds in an entire home or office building as the savings add up.

Easy To Clean

Despite having accordion-like fabric that’s full of nooks and crannies, pleated blinds are very easy to clean. Over time when dirt and dust accumulate on the blind, all it takes is a rub of a damp towel with soapy water, to keep them looking great. Quite often, even a quick hoover will do the job perfectly.

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