Screen Roller


Get all the same great views without any of the glare. Learn more about their benefits below.

Screen roller blinds are perfect for both domestic and commercial use. They have been used in commercial properties such as office buildings, restaurants and retail outlets for years for their sleek and modern design. But, every day they are becoming a more popular choice for homeowners for the same advantages and pleasing aesthetics that the commercial screen roller blind users have been benefiting from for years.

Great Views Without The Glare

If you have a great view from your home or office, you should be able to do enjoy it all day long. Screen blinds block out a certain percentage of the UV light, while still allowing you to enjoy that view. The percentage of light that is blocked depends on the rating of the screen blind. A 7% rated screen blind will let in 7% of the light and block the other 93%.

Protect Your Furniture

Over time, every piece of furniture and carpeting etc will get faded by UV rays, but keeping a room completely dark at all times to protect your investment seems a little bit over the top. Screen roller blinds can give you the best of both worlds. Some sunlight is let in to brighten up the room, but a much greater portion of it is blocked out. This saves your furnishings and helps them to look great for much longer.

As fantastic as screen blinds are, some of the things that make them great can also make them unsuitable, depending on your needs.


While a window with a screen blind is great for seeing out in the day time, if lights are on inside the building at night, you can also see in. So if privacy is a top priority in the room you want to place them in, you might want to consider an alternative like blackout blinds.

Modern & Sleek

Most roller blinds look incredibly modern and sleek. Which is fantastic in some circumstances, but might not fit in so well in a very traditional building. There are some fabrics that can still work well, but the choice is a bit more limited.

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