The Advantages Of Roman Blinds Over Curtains

Roman Blinds


Clean Lines

If you are lucky enough to have bay windows in your home, sometimes curtains don’t always allow you to take advantage of the window in which you could otherwise install a window seat. However, with Roman blinds being so compact and clean-cut, falling straight without wasting any space they can be an ideal window covering.

Roman Blinds



Lining Options 

Roman blinds are between blinds and curtains and they also block out the same amount of light as lined curtains through a blackout lining. Also available with an Interlining, this can add fullness to your new blinds. If you’re looking to add colour to your room, Roman blinds act as a canvas of sorts, introducing bold floral prints, for instance, when down and allowing natural light to flood the room when open.

Roman Blinds

Maximise Your Light

When considering your windows for Roman Blinds, we love installing Blinds above your window recess. This allows more light into the room when the blind is in the open position and also frames the window in a more elegant way giving an overall better finish to your window dressings. Roman Blinds


Contemporary and Classic

Whether your home is modern or traditional, or a mix of the two, Roman blinds we can offer a choice that suits an array of interiors. For a contemporary finish, choose plain, neutral colours and defined patterns such as stripes or geometrics. For a classic finish, consider floral and damask with vibrant tones.