Double Roller


Double roller blinds give you the flexibility of two types of blind in one. Learn more about them below.

Our double roller or dual blinds are two blinds in one. Essentially they are two separate roller blinds housed on one bracket looking unique and modern. This gives you the best of both worlds allowing you to have full control over their positioning.

Privacy & Light During The Day

One layer of double roller blinds make use of a lighter sheer or screen fabric and its purpose is to be rolled down during daylight hours. It means you can still allow light into the building without having to sacrifice any privacy.

Total Light Control

The 2nd layer of fabric is often a blackout blind material which blocks out light from the outside world. Many of our customers that are nightshift workers or that live in areas with streetlights outside of their bedroom windows or find this particularly useful when it comes to getting to sleep easily.


Dual blinds offer more flexibility than traditional blinds. Depending on the time of day or your mood, you can decide which of the blind fabrics you want to use or, depending on the blind type, which combination of both you would like to use. They really do give you the best of two worlds.

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