Blinds & Child Safety

There is a variety of window blind options on the market today. No matter what type of blinds you have in your home there is a slew of different control systems to operate them. With these control systems comes pros, but also, some cons to consider. Blinds can cause accidents amongst young children when they are left unsupervised. The home should be a place where your children are safe and protected at all times. Any potentially harmful objects should be eliminated and out of reach of all children. The cords and chains of window blinds are exactly that. Young children can mess with these and potentially get caught in the loop of cords and chains.Blinds & Child Safety

We at Acorn blinds understand children and how they behave and know how important it is for a child to be kept safe and secure. Because of this, all of our blinds either have a cord-free mechanism or come with a safety device in line with the latest European regulations. By law, all blind designs with cords or chains must be secured with a child safety device, whether or not you have children living with you. Children may visit your home from time to time so it is essential they are secured. Also if you decide to move, the blinds that you leave behind must be safe for the new homeowners to avoid any harmful incidents.

Our Roman, Venetian, Wooden and free-hang Pleated blinds are installed with a cleat for the controls to be wrapped around. This device is fitted at a height of at least 1.5 metres from the ground so small children can’t access it. Our Roller, Vertical and deluxe Roman blinds are fitted with a hook to keep the controls taut.

Breakaway blind components are another safety feature of certain blinds that we stock, which sense when a certain amount of force is placed upon them. These are also easy to reassemble if you pull a control too hard and they end up breaking away accidentally. We will take care of installing the appropriate child safety devices for you on the day of fitting.

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